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layered maps with active links. live linkage between NTM <-> NPM

layered maps with active links. live linkage between NTM <-> NPM

a very useful feature would be layered  charts, each of the layers should produce distinct layers with links to the layer below


  • layer 1 is the wan architecture just showing sites and types of links between them
    • this should also be linkage into NPM ie NPM should be able to display this map and integrate each element
    • Each site router, would be linkable in real time to layer 2
  • layer two is one page for each site,  the details in the site view could be varied ie only routing and switching gear
    • this shows just the network equipment at this site
    • if a user in NTM or NPM double clicks a site should in layer one, this page appears ie a zoom in function
  • layer 3 covers  all the devices that hang from later 2
  • show all the end user devices, NAS, SAN, FW, LB, WAN ACC, AS DNS etc etc
Level 10

Upvoted your idea, but I think you can do this already by making multiple separate maps and then using hyperlinks in Network Atlas.

So you can build a high-level map (let's say it shows how multiple sites are connected) and then add a hyperlink to a particular site which would take you to a map for that specific site. And so on and so forth. Not easy, quick or user friendly, but it can be done.

I'm amused how this is from 2015 and basically translates to "use network atlas".

I'd love for this to be a feature, even in 2017. It'd at least give me one reason to feel like I want to dive more into NTM.

Maybe this could be in the form of a NTM integraton module, which is a more advanced way of omnomnomiing your NTM map into Network Atlas, and turning it into something magnificent by offering you the ability to add the "Orion Layer" to the NTM map.

Perhaps something that could be achieved by the new Maps, rather than trusty 'ole Atlas, given that  it's 2019 now

Being able to take NTM into being NPM maps is exactly the part we're missing. That's why I've been raising about being able to add non-solarwinds logical objects onto the new mapping and have been telling that to jblankjblank​ pretty often.

Product Manager
Product Manager

jezmarsh​ and designerfx​ - Keep bringing the feedback - we hear you.  I will probably be looking to speak with you both very soon

I'll keep an eye on my mailbox