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Changeable icons in NTM

Changeable icons in NTM

NTM presently assigns icons based on how the object is detected.  While that is fine for the initial discovery, I would like to be able to change the icons after discovery is completed.

The NTM maps can be used for a variety of purposes and being able to change the icons to fit the intended purpose would make them more useful and more easily understood by those using the maps.  I would find it very helpful to be able to use icons that are scalable, as well as icons that represent device types, manufacturers, etc.  I was very surprised that this functionality was not already in the product.

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We've delivered this feature request in NTM 2.2!  Accordingly, I've marked the request as Implemented.

See: Network Topology Mapper (NTM) 2.2 Now Available!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented