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Using Network Topology Mapper config among multiple users

It is a security risk as well as an accountability risk to create a shared domain account so everyone can use the same configuration for NTM. But here we are. Every user on the server can install NTM but each user has to set up creds, schedules, etc. and that cannot be shared among multiple users. So is there a workaround or something I don't know about setting this up so multiple user accounts can use the same saved config?

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My gut reaction is that what you wish isn't possible, primarily because the product isn't tied into an Enterprise solution like NPM or NCM, and consequently cannot use Active Directory Groups for permissions.

You have a few options:

1. Open a Support Ticket with Solarwinds to confirm my suspicion, or to happily learn they have a process to accomplish exactly what you need.

2. Submit the functionality as a Feature Request for NTM.  I'll give it a Kudo.  The more folks who vote for it, the greater the likelihood it will get the attention & modification you want.  It won't be fast, though.  I'm talking a year or two out, once enough people request it or vote it up.

3. Get on board with the new NPM 2020 train and start using its cool new mapping functionality.  I'm thinking SW is going to drop NTM and Network Atlas and replace their functionality fully with NPM's mapping capabilities.  (I vote for this one!)

4. Accept NTM's limitations learn how to deal with them.

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Hi Lance,

I'm afraid that it is not possible what you need. NTM is rather simple standalone application.

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