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Level 7

NTM - Why are Multiple Devices mapping to a MITEL IP Phone?

My NTM map is showing several devices as being connected to a Mitel IP phone (as if it were a switch).

We typically do use the pass thru port on the phone for connecting a PC/Laptop

Any ideas would be appreciated

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Is this question answered?

If not, consider if the discovery tool is merely reading the MAC FDB of the phone's internal switch, and thus discovering a second MAC associated with a PC plugged into the phone.

Alternately, does the phone actually have two MAC addresses?  One for its own internal use, the other for the use of its internal mini switch (which would support connectivity from a PC plugged into the phone).

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Level 13

Are you able to provide a screenshot?  What model Mitel phone?

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The Phone Model is "5215 IP Phone"


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It seems your ipPhone was not discovered from SNMP. Map information not discovered from SNMP is not that much reliable. Can you make sure that NTM server can poll the device using SNMP. If so, try to edit the map properties and include it in the IP address range discovery settings and rescan the map.

Hope it helps.

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