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Level 7

NTM Not Returning System Information

NTP is creating maps of my subnets, however, it is only returning IP addresses. 

I have the node display options selected and have entered the correct credentials.

I ran a test scan to map only devices that returned more that just ICMP.  The only device it returned

was the server that NTM is hosted on. Polling method was WMI and it returned the information I was seeking

I'm new to NTP and would appreciate any help.

Thank you!

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It's been a while since I played with NTM, but I seem to recall it had a few options for displaying different things--IP addresses, subnet ranges, DNS entries, etc.  Check the online manual / user guide / documentation for it, and possibly open a support ticket with Solarwinds on it.  I think you'll find what you need--perhaps just by opening every link in the product and adjusting one setting.

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Level 15

If you are using SNMP, you can test with an SNPM walk.  You will want to go to Help\Support Tools\Grab SNMPWALK

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