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Level 7

Integrate 3rd Party Products with NTM

Hi, Are there any plans to integrate/import data from other tools like Netbrain ?  Netbrain does a much better job of discovering

topology across multiple platforms. NTM will never be as good as it does not login to the network devices and SNMP info is limited.

Iam trying to create global network dashboards but NTM does not discover some device ( Paloaltonetworks L2/L3 ) connectivity

which makes it pretty basic. Why not integrate with Netbrain fo customer can get the best of both worlds and get Netbrain data for Topology

and use NPM for monitoring. Better yet, Merge or Acquire ?

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Level 12

we are running a POC on NetBrain right now...  be intrested to know SW position on NetBrain type functionality...  I have LOTS of SolarWinds software, and reluctant to buy other vendors unless they can prove themselves over SW..

I would have thought that combining NCM, NPM and topology mappers, the functionality is maybe within SW suite but not been plugged together to match Netbrian...

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