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Show "remaining" traffic on graph

Show "remaining" traffic on graph

Add the "remaining traffic" to the graph to provide a correct visual of the traffic on the interface.  Right now only top traffic is on the graph and other traffice is just called out on the chart.

Level 7

Hence 80% of my traffic is "remaining traffic" I'd like to see the spikes...

Level 8

This is one of the most annoying things about the way I use NTA. Please add this as an option.

Level 10

This does not look implemented to me. The 'remaining' traffic is summarised in the list under the each chart but there seems no way to actually enable the charting of the 'remaining' traffic.

Level 7

Feature is not implemented in NTA v 4.5.0. I am not able to check "remaining traffic" to be plotted on the graph.

Product Manager
Product Manager

The "Remaining Traffic" component still can not be composed into the graph alongside individual conversations at this point.  We'll consider that feature request for a future release.

I've updated the status of this FR to reflect that.


Thank you so much. We have opened a new support case for this and now the request is reopened

I really hope it will be implemented, as it is very important for us.

Kind regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting