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Dynamic IP Groups

Dynamic IP Groups

SW staff and all,

I have an idea, and it is probably something that has been requested before, I just don't see a posting for it.  I would like the ability to create dynamic IP Groups in NTA, similar to the way dynamic groups are built in APM/SAM today.

Is this something that can be done?  Is this something of use to others?


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Could you please specify a little bit more, what you mean by dynamic IP groups (and some usecase where it would help)? Thanks.

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Well, like everything else, anything that is "dynamic" will automatically add something where you need it based on a matched criteria. For example, in the SAM groups, you build dynamic criteria for applications and nodes (typically by using custom fields), and the groups automatically add and remove objects as the environment changes. I would like to be able to create IP groups for classifying traffic in NTA the same way. One method of doing this is probably by using IPAM (for those of us that own IPAM). But another method might be by using SAM groups...for example, if I build a SAM group for e-mail servers, then I'd also like to have a group in NTA for e-mail traffic based on that SAM group.

There are a number of various use cases, these are just a couple of ideas. I'm sure folks out there have a ton of other possible use cases. But anything I can do to automate the management of Orion using my own custom dynamic criteria, the better.


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This would be a great feature to pull ip groups in through IPAM but also through other programs, for instance we use NetMRI from Infoblox.

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After looking for an update to this, I found several posts all related to this; and at least 105 votes for it. I'm sure there are other posts and votes out there that I missed. SW team, please look at this.

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