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Consolidate workflow between NTA and NPM

Consolidate workflow between NTA and NPM

Between NTA and NPM, you can be looking at the same node/interface from a completely different page. Out of the box, they don't even link to eachother. On the NPM side you can click from a conversation view to get into NTA, but on NTA you cannot go the other way without adding NPM components. I'd like to see this a bit more brought together, both in functionality and URL. I think this might be nice to have a tab in the core module if it were possible. Today we have:

https://$servername/Orion/TrafficAnalysis/NetflowNodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=NN:19   and

https://$servername/Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N:19 targeting the same exact device. Why should these be entirely separate?

I have two thoughts on fixing this:

One is that out of the box this component should be added to every NTA node and interface page, for an easy step 1, with a subtitle just like I put. This is the NPM component on the NTA page. Otherwise you're in NTA and...goodbye.


The second - which is a great NTA feature and would fix certain risks with view customization, is to integrate it fully back into NPM to update all charts with timestamps in the same way as you get with pastedImage_1.png.

The knock-on benefits of the second part are huge, because we could have static links to a node status page with corresponding metrics. I'd also like a way to have there be a unified node page (tab?) in some way to accommodate this.