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NetFlow Receiving Stopped - Alert

This is a custom SQL query Alert that simply creates an event into Orion events when some of NetFlow enabled interfaces doesn’t receive any NetFlow data for last 2 minutes (changeable), and another one when everything goes back to normal. It is based on LastTime column from NetFlowSources table.

AlertDefinition file could be easily imported using Advanced Alert Manager.

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Thank you for sharing this.   Not receiving NetFlow data for a node would be an easy problem to overlook, and I would hate to pull an end of month report to find out the data was not available. 

It doesn't seem to import on NPM 12.1/NTA 4.2.2.

If you voted for this feature: It's available now as an NTA Release Candidate!

Head over to the NTA Release Candidate forum, and check out the details here: NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Release Candidate

Let us know in that forum what you think, and how you're using this feature to alert on flow traffic in your network!


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