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NTA 4.6 Beta 1 is Available!

We're pleased to announce the NetFlow Traffic Analyzer 4.6 Beta 1 is now available! We've been hard at work building new features, and we hope you'll be impressed with the results!DownloadBetaNow.png

This beta includes certain items that are mentioned in the What we're working on for NTA post 4.5 (December 6th, 2018)

At SolarWinds, being customer-driven and responsive to customer needs is a fundamental part of how we build software. Beta feedback is one of the key avenues we use to inform and adjust what we're building so that it fits your needs and your environment. We'll take feedback anytime we can get it, but now is the best time to provide feedback that can affect the product.

As an added incentive, beta users who submit feedback will receive 3,000 Thwack points to buy swag at the
THWACK Store. That will cover most of what you need for a SolarWinds Geek t-shirt!

To access the beta, sign up here! To share feedback, please post in the Netflow Traffic Analyzer Beta Forum!


I will be installing this week in my test environment. Need to see if the 'ALTER ANY CONNECTION' requirement is still there in order to complete the install. I can't install 4.5 in my production environment as our SQL DBA will not

allow that elevated account setting our our shared SQL clusters. Probably wouldn't fly with our Architects or Security either so hopefully it's been fixed in 4.6.

bobmarley​, it has indeed been removed - you should be good to go!

We added this in originally to handle situations when the maintenance job was unable to run for an extended period of time. We've removed the requirement now, to be good citizens within a shared SQL instance. The latest code implements a notification when the maintenance job hasn't been able to run over a long period of time, and links to instructions that will help you schedule and manage a time it can run successfully.

Please post your experiences with your testing here in the Beta forum!  Remember that you can generate IPv6 traffic with the FREE Flow Tool Bundle | SolarWinds to get an idea of what that looks like in product.


Hi jreves,

Do you know when will Solarwinds  release the new version (NTA 4.6)?

We have several customer that need to use the new version for IPV6 feature. But these customer do not want to use the BETA version.

Thanks for your answer!

We're working through this as quickly as possible!  Our normal development cycle includes Beta releases to expose features we're working on to our existing customers, and to collect feedback.  After the Beta phase is complete, the next phase includes thorough integration, installation, and upgrade testing, followed by the production of Release Candidates.  The Release Candidates are available through the Customer Portal, and are fully supported for production deployment.  We work closely with a limited number of existing customers in the RC phase to assist them in their upgrade and to collect detailed feedback on the experience. Following the completion of the RC phase, products are then released for General Availability.

We're currently working with Beta versions of several products, as we've announced in each of their THWACK forums.  Stay tuned in THWACK, and you'll see additional announcements as we move through the subsequent phases!


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