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netflow stats question


We need to gather information from Orion Netflow Traffic Analyzer. Information such as how many total flows/sec have been processed over certain time period. What was the maximum number of flows/sec? Total traffic over last 'N' number of days? How can I find this information?

We are running SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version: 3.7



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If you search this forum for "perfmon" you'll find several threads describing how to use Windows Performance Monitor to get this data.

Okay I got how to find flows per second using perfmon. How can I get a report of how many flows/sec were received during last certain number of days, hours etc.? I am looking for a report with the data of flows/second during each second in the last 'N' number of days, hours.

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I am quite new to NTA and not aware of PerfMon.  Will PerfMon help in finding out NTA statistics (stats like that in my original post)?

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Perfmon is the native Windows Performance Monitor application that's installed with Microsoft server platforms. You can use it to track lots of performance metrics, including a variety of numbers related to NTA.

When I first read your post I thought you were asking about PDUs/second metrics on the NTA server, which you would get from Perfmon. However, after reading it again I think what you're looking for is flows/second through the router interface: I don't think you can get this data from NTA.

For total traffic over N days in the web interface you would use Flow Navigator:

1) Select the node or interface to measure.

2) Select "both" for flow direction.

3) Select the time window.

4) Click submit.

5) Sum the ingress and egress bytes columns for the top protocols graph. There's no way to automatically sum them in the web interface.

If you're looking for a report, check out the Historical NetFlow Reports section in the Orion Report Writer app. I haven't used it much, but you might be able to modify one of the default reports to get top N days.

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I want to know how many flows/sec were exported to Orion NTA during certain time period.

Number of flows/sec exported to Orion NTA= sum of flows/sec exported from all Netflow exporters (in our network, Cisco switches and routers running netflowV9).



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