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egress and ingress traffic showing same -NTA


I have an issue with my nta , 

It shows the ingress and egress traffic  same  


When  I Choose Isp interface egress and ingress traffic showing same value /same graph 
Any idea 



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Well, if you only have one in and one out, the traffic going through the box is pretty much identical on either interface.  The only difference would be that the traffic on one interface would be classified as "ingress" while on the other it would be "egress".

Let's take a bit of traffic coming from your LAN to the Internet for instance, lets say a web request to Amazon.    On the LAN interface of the router, Netflow would see this as "ingress" traffic, because it is coming in the LAN interface.   But, when its leaving the Internet interface to continue on its journey, its considered "egress" traffic.   

Is that what your seeing?

Another thing to remember is with Netflow, you usually only want to monitor ingress traffic on all interfaces, not both ingress and egress.  Otherwise you see your traffic doubled in its bandwidth.    Your situation is one where you could potentially monitor both on one interface and get away with it...