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Why can I not install NTA 4.0 on my 64bit orion AND keep SQL net flow storage?

   NTA 4.0 installer should allow me to install NTA 4.0 on a 64bit OS but keep using SQL server for my NTA data -I have neither the resources nor need for a flow database at this time.

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Fair question. The reason for this, is that we have realised that a vast majority of customers were using NTA more and more intensively, and an increasing proportion of them, was suffering from performance issues, that we could not fix using SQL server.

Another aspect is that we are obviously planning to build more features on NTA moving forward, and these will put even more load on the database.

So, in order to keep a high level of satisfaction for our users moving forward, we decided to move to a high performance database.

We have looked at options where the user would have the choice of the database technology, but the engineering cost for such an option was extremelly expensive, as all features moving forward would have to be developped on both storage systems.

We understand that some customers, like you, may not have the need now, which is why

- your current NTA running is still supported for a while

- NTA 4.0 does not have significant new capabilities beyond the storage change, in order to avoid creating too much need for immediate upgrade

In other words, we are trying our best to make your hardware change plans, as smooth as possible.

Let us know here if you need help with sizing your Netflow Storage in the coming weeks or months, we'll be happy to help.

Do I need to install  NTA 4 on a physical box or a virtual machine will wok properly ?



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NTA 4.0 will work on a physical or virtual machine.

Check out the FAQ for additional information to assist here.

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Drop me a note - my DBA and I both come up with separate specs for what we need to provision a Flow DB server. I need a tie breaking vote...

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