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Week summary - NetFlow reporting

Hey guys,

Does anybody know of a way to report on total data for the week, for a specific hostname (per day)? - I seem to be able to do it for the last 3 hours or yesterday for example, but the time along the bottom of my report never changes, I want to be able to amend the bottom time scale to days if possible?

Something like this:



All I get is this below and can't find a way to change the bottom of the graph, even if I amend to 'last 7 days' etc:


Any help would be great. Thanks.


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From the upper left corner of NTA, choose the drop down for Time Period.  


I randomly set it to 7 Days, then started drilling into one client's flow.  A few clicks later it was showing 7 days of records, and the date scale below the chart shows all 7 Days:


I'm using Platform 2019.2 HF3, NAM 2019.4.


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