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Velocloud and Solarwinds NTA

Has anyone had success in getting netflows from a Velocloud device into Solarwinds NTA? There is very little documentation on this and given the lack of CLI access to the VCE device, we can not apply the typical Solarwinds NTA config. We also noticed that SNMPv3 on Velocloud only supports AES/DES while Solarwinds SNMPv3 options are MD5/SHA1.

Thanks for your attention!

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Not sure about the NTA portion of the question, not much info to go by.

But, with SNMPv3, there are usually 2 parts to the puzzle.  Auth (Authentication) and Priv (Privacy / Encryption).  If I'm remembering right, SNMP Auth will usually give you options like MD5 and SHA1 (use SHA1!) while SNMP Priv will give you options like AES/DES.

If you only have AES/DES as an option, its possible that the implementation only does SNMP Priv, which would be unusual?   But, you should see the Priv configuration in Solarwinds directly below the Auth configuration when adding a node.

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