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Send alert for data leaving my network

Hi there

Has anyone setup an alert based on conversations in NTA?  I am not looking for a typical bandwidth report based on port utilization (which seems to be the typical out of the box type report)

I would like to be notified of a conversation of 5Gigs or more outbound traffic.  I have submitted a support request for assistance with this and haven't gotten anywhere.. I was hoping that maybe someone else out here in Thwack (more brilliant than I) has already figured this out..


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Having alerts on flow data is fairly new and currently your options are limited in that regards as without knowledge of sql language you would only be able to use the 4 trigger conditions seen in my screenshot which mainly focus on application traffic.


Without such alerts you can manually monitor whether any traffic is leaving your network by checking Top 5 countries widget. That would show you traffic that leaves the private address aka your intranet, which interface it used and who the sender was.

Best regards,


Thanks steffen.gutzeit​  Typically I watch top conversations and transmitters throughout the day and it is a bit of a bummer that there aren't better alerts for this type of traffic (for when i'm not able to actively watch traffic on the net)

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Should you be up for it you could participate in beta testing to provide feedback or submit feature requests. The flow based alerting was just introduced in the last NTA version so I assume there are plans of adding more options. Keep an eye on the "What We Are Working On" page: What we're working on for NTA post 4.5 (February 25th, 2019)

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