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Is there anyway RSPAN traffic can be exported using netflow and collected by Solarwinds NTA for analysis and presentation?

Here is the situation:

I have Cisco 48port 2960S Switch 15.0(2) configured with VLANs for client access. The intention is to have the traffic from a few VLANs on that switch to be exported to Solarwinds NTA but was told that the Switch doesn't support Netflow.

As an alternative, I was told to configure Port mirroring and have the traffic mirrored to a destination port on a netflow capable switch. In this case, RSPAN was configured  on the 48port 2960S Switch 15.0(2) to send the vlan traffic to a destination port on cisco switch 2960x 15.2(2) (this switch supports Netflow).

To this end, I am unable to get the expected results. Kindly see configuration on both switches and NPM with NTA current results attached.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



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Nprobe is free but you need to invest time. You don't really integrate it, you use it to convert the SPAN traffic to flow. I was never a huge fan of RSPAN because you are potentially sending high volumes of unprocessed packets across a LAN link. Better to deal with the SPAN traffic as close as possible to where it is generated.

Our own tool requires an investment but gives a hybrid approach. Flow and some of the packet payload information.

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Hi kamoy

Two other options.  You could connect the SPAN port to an nProbe device which would convert the packet info to flows. More reading here

Orion NTA and nProbe: Analyzing bandwidth hogs without flow-capable network equipment

Another alternative is to use a commercial product we develop called LANGuardian which connects directly to a SPAN port and the flow\user\application we gather can be displayed within your SolarWinds views like this, the elements in the first row are all using data gathered via a SPAN port by LANGuardian

Hope this helps


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@ darragh.delaney...Thank you for responding and for providing the alternatives. Are you then saying there is NO solution to this problem WITHOUT investing and integrating a third party software?

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