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Orion - SQL Query issue

From yesterday, we are facing issue like, our Orion database log file is getting increased abruptly due to continuous SQL delete query request from Orion solarwinds. Instead of sending request in batch, orion is flushing out all requests at a time which causing orion database size getting increased a lot.

Store Procedured Name: swsp_DeleteFlowsByIntervalRange

Database is simple recovery model

Please help on this to stop increasing the database size and also to mitigate the flow from orion.


Gokul kurunthasalam

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NTA Version details:

Module NameNetFlow Traffic Analyzer
Service PackNone
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This version is not only has reached End of Life, but also the End of Support milestone for almost an year. 

NTA 4.x has numerous benefits

- stores the netflow data in an efficient proprietary database

- doesn't constantly churn your SQL database like what you are experiencing

- stores the entire history at 1 minute granularity

- loads the web console views *significantly* faster.

It is definitely time to start planning your upgrade.


We will plan for an upgrade. Do we have any other possibilities to overcome this issue for time being?

-Gokul Kurunthasalam

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Level 17

Please move this to the NTA forum. Which version of NTA do you have?

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