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Hello everybody,

i'm new in this forum and to solarwinds, and needs your help...

i've just installed demo version of the netflow and setup the cisco asa5510 to send netflow,

i see the data is receving in solarwinds

LAST RECEIVED NETFLOW' : 21/01/14 13:01

but still all the graphs are empty and the graph says 'data is not available'

i don't know in what stage it happens but i have the following events

21/01/2014 11:51   NetFlow Receiver Service [---] received NetFlow V9 flows without any template for decoding them. Configure the device 10.x.x.x to export an appropriate NetFlow V9 template at 1-minute intervals. See help for details.

  21/01/2014 11:36   Resetting unknown traffic notification events.

  21/01/2014 11:31   NetFlow Receiver Service [---] started - listening on port(s) [2055]

  21/01/2014 01:30   NetFlow Database Maintenance : Deleted 0 expired endpoints in 0.01 seconds.

  21/01/2014 00:02   NetFlow Receiver Service [---] is receiving flow data from unmanaged interface '#65535' on asa5510.---and it does not support SNMP. Click the "Add this interface" to manage interface and process its flow data.

  21/01/2014 00:02   NetFlow Receiver Service [---]SERVERS' on asa5510.---. Click "Add this interface" or "Edit this device" to manage interface and process its flow data.

  20/01/2014 23:07   Removing interface index mapping for node asa5510.---.

  20/01/2014 17:38   Resetting unknown traffic notification events.

please advice and help,

thank you guys

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Make sure you have the template timeout to 1 minute. The command for setting flow timeout is "flow-export template timeout-rate".And maybe you could refer here:

As for errors from ifindex 65535 - I have seen this when exporting NSEL from Cisco ASA. that is a dummy interface and has no flow information.

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Level 13

The ASA uses a proprietary version of NetFlow v9 called "NSEL", or NetFlow Security Event Logging.

I have never set this up with Solarwinds NTA, but I found this document that might help you:

SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Configuring Cisco ASA devices for use with Orion NTA

Thanks jswan,, checking it...

more replys will be welcome


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