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Netflow no egress data


We've used NTA for some time and it has often highlighted bandwidth hogs etc. what I've noticed though is that it never shows any information for egress traffic only ingress, can someone point out why?

It always seems to show us the culprit under ingress but anytime I've ever looked under egress out of curiosity is always shows 0 bytes transferred or something very low, which is simply untrue. Example below:




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Hi, this is most likely an issue of the configuration of the monitored devices. See this link, section "Viewing network traffic data in both directions":

Netflow data flow only appears in the Ingress or Egress interface - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help ...

You are probably aware of this, but anyway keep this in mind, do not export both ingress and egress for an interface: Reasons not to export both ingress and egress NetFlow traffic data - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help...

Ah thanks for this, will have a read through. I'm starting to think we're missing config, will have a look into it further.

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