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Netflow is not detected on the selected interface


Firewall is successfully connect with SolarWInd Netflow and exchanging the data bytes


However when we select an interface and then click on "Start Flow Capture", we receive this error "Netflow is not detected on the selected interface"

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Can you please show us what you have configured on the interface for the netflow?

Solarwind configuration details below


Configuration at HUAWEI Firewall side ( is the firewall IP and is the Solar Wind tool machine IP)


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What have you configured for "ip netstream record"?

And what is the configuration for the netflow on the actual interface?

This website shows how to configure this up

What kind of equipment is this?

Your screen capture of the firewall configuration isn't very readable.  Can you just paste the text of it instead?   We would want both the netflow configuration and the configuration of the interface(s)...

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Any update / suggestion will be appreciated

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Can you post your configs in text?   And make sure you have the base configuration for netflow/netstream as well as the interface configs.   I think the "display ip netstream" command might give all this.

Here are some possibly useful articles otherwise?

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer 3.8 on Huawei NE20E not working

Configuring NetFlow on VyOS and Huawei Network Devices

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