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Level 7

Netflow for 6506E on NTA 3.11.0

I have following configruation on my cisco 6506E but can not get the flows can any one help me out.

flow record xyz

match ipv4 protocol

match ipv4 source address

match ipv4 destination address

match transport source-port

match transport destination-port

match interface input

match interface output

collect counter bytes

collect counter packets

flow exporter net-flow-export-sw


source Loopback1

transport udp 2055

option interface-table

option sampler-table

flow monitor xyz

record xyz

exporter net-flow-export-sw

cache timeout inactive 10

cache timeout active 5

interface Vlan105

ip address

no ip redirects

ip flow monitor xyz input

ip flow monitor xyz output

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Level 14

I use the above configuration on routers, but I continue to use the traditional v5 configuration on my 6500s. Like you, I was unable to find the correct custom configuration to work on a 6500.

ip flow-export source Lookback0

ip flow-export version 5

ip flow-export destination <NTA server IP> 2055

ip flow-top-talkers

top 10

sort-by bytes


interface <whatever>

ip flow ingress

ip flow egress !(if needed)


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thanks all let me try this ...

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Level 13

Run Wireshark on the NTA collector to sniff UDP port 2055 from the IP address of your Loopback1 interface, just to make sure you're getting NetFlow packets from the 6506 exporter.

If that's the case, my first guess would be that your template doesn't match one of NTA's built-in templates exactly. Check the NTA documentation to verify your template configuration.

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Thanks jswan,

I am getting the error that template is not matching. What can i do else to match that template .

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At this point you may just want to get a ticket open with support and upload a pcap of your traffic to see if they can assist you in why your template is not being processed.

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I don't know; your record looks OK to me, but I haven't used custom records with NTA before. If your code supports it, maybe you should try changing to classic NetFlow v5 or v9 config. The other thing that looks a little strange to me is that you're exporting a sampler table--maybe try removing that?

Check the NTA administrator guide. It has lots of details on this. The template requirements start on page 23. Or you could always start a support ticket.

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