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Netflow Reports

How to generate Netflow report for a particular device with custom time period.

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I think this can be done in the report writer, depending on what you're looking for

There are some categories there you can choose, have you looked there?

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You can definitely put these together using the web based reports and there are examples under Historical Netflow Reports

Just as a word of caution, when building reports for Netflow endpoints you will always want to filter it down to traffic over only the closest interface(s) to the endpoint.  If you just added up all the data from all sources then the same packets would be counted multiple times and the TX and RX would all get jumbled up.  If you send a 10 MB file from your workstation to someone at another office and you each have a netflow enabled router at your sites then you could see the same 10 MB show as RX on your nearest interface, then 10 MB TX on the outbound for your router, then 10 MB RX on their router, then 10 MB TX from their router to their workstation.

Something like this should get you near where you need to be


If your device allows you to collect ingress and egress on the same interface then you would use that same interfaceid for both, if you are using the older versions of flow where you could only collect ingress then you would need to change it to use a nested OR condition between the appropriate IngressInterfaceID's, but hopefully you don't have that kind of old hardware on your hands.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Any help

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