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Level 8

Netflow Alert

Hi Folks,

I wonder if it's available to create alert where current ingress/egress traffic data will be, I check variables but there's none, also is it possible to create variable by my own and if that how could I ? 

I know it is available to create alert, which is triggered after exceeds threshold but moreover I need current data flow.

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Level 8

I managed to create alert to display current ingress / egress traffic but I could find that table from where I can get that SourceIP / DestinationIP,  Have someone make specific alerts for endpoints where it displays on which endpoint exceeds threshold?

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thanks, but I couldn't find attached files, can you help?

I see the link View:/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Components.UserFiles/ but how am I supposed to download?

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