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Level 7

Netflow ASR1000 series routers

anyone have tried running Netflow in ASR routers? using random Sampling?

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Level 12

We have been capturing Netflow on our ASR1000's routers.  We have 1001,1001x,and 1002's in our environment.  I'm actually troubleshooting an issue with a new 1001HX and Netflow with Orion.  I'm using the same record, exporter and monitor configuration as my other ASR's but Netflow isn't coming in.  As a test, I exported Netflow data from this 1001HX to Prime and to LiveAction, and it worked for both of those.

At the moment, I have a case with Cisco to make sure I'm not missing something on my 1001HX.

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One detail to know about Netflow on ASR1001x. You cannot source the netflows from the out-of-band management interface when sending the data to the collector. 

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