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NetFlow and NBARv2 configuration

Does anyone use Netflow and NBARv2 with one another on Cisco IOS-XE?

I am trying to figure out how to enable NBARv2 alongside IOS-XE. I went off the guide online but the command collection application name does not take as you must specify in further details.

I have Cisco DNA Center for my newer gear that applies nbarv2 to those switches and it uses match application name. I tried to apply this to my flows on the switch for solarwinds NTA on the interfaces but it gives me an error stating " invalid set of fields in monitor record for wired interface".

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Have a look at the cisco configuration guide for Cisco IOS XE.

In particular, there's a section on reporting NBAR2 information through Flexible NetFlow. Post some additional details on the model you're configuring, and let's see if other users have worked through this already for their gear.


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I have been trying to do this with cisco 3850's running 16.9.x and cisco 9300's running 16.12.x.

From my understanding of the documentation is that i can re-use my existing flows by adding that option which it does not exist in this code level.

I use the cisco DNA center appliance for my newer switches and it pushes out a nbarv2 config that uses a similar config as netflow but has match application name in it but this can not be run in the same config as the netflow record.

I am curious if additional flows and records need to be created and applied to the interfaces alongside the netflow flows and records?

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