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NTA migration from one server to Another


I am migrating only NTA module from one Window's server to another Window's server (Reason: The CPU of the server is highly utilized).

My Requirement:

I want my first server to be controller server as it has the web console for all other solarwind's  modules also has exporter and collector for NTA.

The second  server on which NTA will be installed should only be storage for NTA data.

Error I get when I try traffic redirection:

NTA flow storage configuration failed with error;object must be a root directory ("C:\\") or a drive letter(" C")

Can someone suggest why I am getting this error msg or suggest best practice to achieve this objective for NTA migration

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NTA Flow Storage doesn't support storing data in Network Share folders, so please in Flow Storage configurator enter local NTFS folder.

Thanks and have a nice day.

J. Cermak


Thanks for your response. I tried re-installation and it worked out. On my main Orion Server I ran the netflow.exe and redirected the traffic on storage server during config. It simply redirected  traffic on storage sever. On storage server I connected it to the DB and all worked fine.

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