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NTA is not receiving egress traffic from Brocade switch

I have configured sflow on a Brocade switch but I can see only ingress traffic on the Solarwinds NTA. egress traffic is not displayed.

has anyone encountered this problem?



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I would start reviewing the Brocade configuration, here something to help Brocade (Foundry) sFlow configuration or Example Config - Brocade (Foundry) sFlow Configuration

Assuming everything is ok I would troubleshoot using Wireshark first, here something to help NTA - Netflow v5 Wireshark packet captureHow to troubleshoot NetFlow using Wireshark - VideoBreaking down sFlow packet in Wireshark.

If it doesn't work, lets us know. Paste the configuration and the Wireshark results here so we can take a look together.

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Indeed, netflow is configured on the brocade switch. Also, I can see packets on the wireshark using sflow analyze.

However, I'm still seeing only ingress on the NTA comming from this node, no egress traffic. It's kinda weird with those brocade switches, I had no issues with Cisco devices.

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 sFlow version: 5
sFlow services are enabled.
sFlow agent IP address:
1 collector destinations configured:
Collector IP, UDP 2055
Polling interval is 30 seconds.
Configured default sampling rate: 1 per 512 packets.
Actual default sampling rate: 1 per 512 packets.
The maximum sFlow sample size: 128.
sFlow exporting cpu-traffic is disabled.
90685262 UDP packets exported
151675784 sFlow samples collected.
sFlow ports: ethe 0/1/5
Port Sampling Rates
Port=0/1/5, configured rate=512, actual rate=512


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Any luck with this??

NTA received a packet indicating that NetFlow data export on device might not be enabled. If you cannot see NetFlow data from the device in NTA, make sure the device is configured to export NetFlow. » Learn more.


show flow-monitoring
dataplane statistics:
interface dp0bond0:
monitor default:
packets observed: 4586
samples lost: 0
samples taken: 459

dataplane 0:
reports sent: 458
samples dropped: 0

interface collector statistics:
interface dp0bond0:
records received: 458

aggregator statistics:
aggregator foo:
flows in cache: 3
expired flows: 267

exporter statistics:
exporter foo:
samples exported: 454
flows exported: 267
flow packets sent: 137



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