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Level 7

NTA ingress and egrass graph is not matching interface bps


   My NTA is not showing true data in graph. For example, In netflow source table, Interface 's value is so different from interface detail graph. l think , interface graphs not showing true netflow value in a graph. What is your advice?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This article may be useful, as well:Bandwidth and Traffic: Hunting Hogs


Level 8

One thing that might cause this is a difference in the timescales of Netflow reporting vs. interface polling.

We ran into this once on interfaces that had a lot of long-lived flows (e.g. tunnels) and we had left the Netflow active flow cache timeout at its default value, which on our devices was 30 minutes.  So a signficant portion of the Netflow traffic was being reported in bursts at 30 minute intervals.

Level 13

Please have a look at Re: Ingress vs. Egress traffic on Inside and Outside interfaces . Maybe it would help you.