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NTA: What is this cruel trick CBQoS reports play?

So, I am trying to create a CBQOS report. I see the default ones. I tried to create my own. The ones I tried to create did not work. The default report does work. So, I created a report using the exact same entries for datasource. The report I created still shows "No activity to report." But the default report does work. Is this a cruel trick that NTA developers play, and secretly laugh imagining all the engineers perplexed by their nefarious plan? <said in jest>


"He is... nefarious."

Default report datasource:


My report datasource:


My report results:


The greyed-out areas are just host names I included in title of datasource and report title. However, there is no hostname limitation on the caption field of the datasource, so the host names should not report results.

Default report results:


So, what gives? Same data source configuration, different results?

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Re: NTA: What is this cruel trick CBQoS reports play?

I'm replying to my own post because I don't like seeing zero (0) replies.

Perhaps someone has some input on the question?

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