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NTA / NetFlow database relocation

We are currently planning an upgrade to NPM/IPAM/NTA/NCM 2019.4. Now we have NTA and its database on their own server, with the other three modules on a separate server. I'm considering moving the NTA database to the same SQL server that the Orion database lives on. If I do that, can I move the NTA application to the same server that the other three modules live on? Thoughts on best ways to set this up from a topology perspective?



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The short answer is yes, you can (and probably should) have all the Orion modules installed on the same server. Just bear in mind that if you previously had a dedicated server running NTA and NTA SQL DB then you might not be able to merge them together. Also if the IP Address of your existing NTA Server is going to change then you might have to redirect the traffic coming from your Netflow enabled devices.


- David Smith
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  1. What version of NTA are you running?




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