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NTA Flow Storage Data space issue


We have Orion with NPM (12.2) and NTA (4.2.3). NTA is installed on a separate server, but in C: drive.

Since one month, the drive is getting full (99%) and server team asked us to remove some data. We are working on mulitple clients and having Solarwinds environments. We never got any problem like this, except this one and never cleaned up NTA flow storage data space/files.

Based on our request, they have increased 60GB as well on C: drive. Still it is reaching 98% in one week. May we remove some old data, if need be or we should not remove any historical data as attached here.


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I have the same problem and when I looked at my database I saw Flows folders which are older than the time I set in the retention period (33 days), as you can find in attached image files' date are for 4 months ago, and I think restarting the server isn't an appropriate way, I will be thankful if anybody can help me with this issue.


Upgrade to the latest version or NTA 4.4. From this version onwards, you should have SQL Database and it would be easy to setup an alert on the database size. We have been upgraded to 2019.4 recently and we could manage ourselves.

If you are on NTA 4.2.3 and on a separate server and when you upgrade, you will have 2 options. Either you can setup 2 separate SQL servers for SolarwindsOrion and NetflowDatabase. Also, you can have both databases on the same server with more diskspace based on your data. SQL expert would be able tell you how much space is needed.

This is my suggestion to upgrade to the latest 2019.4. There are few problems, but recently they have released HF3 as well. Hope it helps.

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You may want to check the retention settings for NTA.  If you're trying to retain more data, then NTA will keep at it until the drive is full.  If you don't need 30 days, try setting to 15 days if that's enough data.  I would wager this customer isn't the same size as your others which is why you haven't seen this issue before.  They have more flows/more flow data coming in and that's reflected in the additional storage taken up.

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In our NTA DB settings the retention period was set to 15 days only. But still growing. The problem has been resolved, after the reboot of the server as part of a patch applied during last Sunday.

Now, it has 43% space available. In another environment, the space used was 135GB out of 275GB, where retention period was set as 30 days.

Seems to be a problem on the server, with some junk data kept on increasing and stopped, after a reboot of the server .