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We have both software and for each one of them we have a license of 100 each.  My most use of these software NTA is to monitor bandwidth and see who is using the most which is called Top 10 Conversations, Top 10 Endpoints, and Top 10 Applications.  I already added the router and I can see devices.  Do I need to add all the computers in order for me to monitor bandwidth how about the 15 switches we have do I need to add them all.  I know that NPM will give me more of what I need but my main goal for now is to monitor bandwidth.  do I need to add netflow to all switches which they are Cisco Catalyst 2900.

Thank you so much

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The only Cisco 2900 series switches that have any NetFlow support are the 2960-X series. If you're using earlier versions, they don't do NetFlow.

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Thank you so much jswan

This I got but still my question do I need to add nodes such as computers and users so I can monitor the bandwidth or all I need are just the router and the switches.  I only have licenses for 100 NTA so this way I just want to be able to monitor bandwidth that is all I need.  I mean do I need to discover all nodes and all users or just the router will give me a good picture of who is using the internet the most and where are they going what sites.

The only reason I installed NPM is because you cannot install NTA without it.

I appreciate the quick reply.

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You will only need to add routers and switches.  NTA is only processing NetFlow from the routers and switches that you will be setting up to export flows over to NTA.  NTA will have the ability to router on the source & destination IP's so you will be able to see who and what is using your bandwidth.

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