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NOC Conversation display error


Has anyone else experienced an issue when attempting to display the top conversations in a NOC view? I have added a "Custom object resource" which uses one of our monitored nodes; then I select the "Top XX Conversations (endpoint view)". When added during the editing view it seems to work fine. It will display both the data and graph/chart above without issue. However as soon as I switch to NOC view with the same board, it just displays "Internal server error" - but the data below shows fine. Has anyone seen this and been able to resolve it?


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Product Manager
Product Manager


This is a bug.  We were able to reproduce it in the lab, and we're tracking an item in the backlog to fix it.  I can't commit a timeframe, but we've got it and we're working it. Thanks for surfacing this!


Level 7

Thanks for the response - it's been driving me mad! I'll mark this as resolved for now then if this is being investigated.

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