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Multiple Environment Alerts

We have 3 working environments of SW on 3 different domains.

They need to all be pretty much mirror image of each other.  

Instead of creating multiple of the same alerts in each environment, is there a file location that I can copy/paste from one environment location to the other?


Trying to save some time where I can here. 





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If you have a lot of alerts and don't want to click around in the GUI too much I wrote this script a while back for my environment.

You could tweak it to copy alerts directly from one instance to another if you just set up a different $swis for each instance and had it check for anything missing.   

I've used other variations on this idea over the years as well, but I like  this one now because I have been moving to a model where I commit all my alerts to GitHub to keep version history on them and my eventual goal is being able to build a whole Orion instance from data in a repo.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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You should be able to export and import alerts you can also look to possible adding EOC to tie the sites together.

Success Center (

Enterprise Operations Console - EOC | SolarWinds