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Moving SolarWinds servers to new VCenter

I figured this is easy but just wanted to check to see if there are any gotchas.  We need to move SolarWinds to a new Vcenter I am assuming on the SolarWinds Orion server to stop all the services and applications running on it, shutdown any services on the NTA server, and if anything is running on the SolarWinds SQL server stop those as well.   The servers are staying with the same IP and VLAN so it should be easy but just wanted to check to see if anyone has done this before and had any issues.


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We accomplished this a year or two ago; it was easier than I expected, few gotcha's.

The issues we discovered were the sole result of deciding to build separate/new instances of SW NPM/NCM/NTA, and not the result of the planned move from physical to VM.

Sounds about right to me - and if you're on 6.0, you *may* be able to vMotion between the vCenters: