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Monitoring Provider Power, Generators and Tower Lights

My client is using SchoRen NMS Solutions, LLC Trapserver software for monitoring remote site for Generators (Running/Off, Overheating, Out of Fuel...ect), Open Doors, Lights at the top of Radio Towers to show when they are On/Off, operating, out, not flashing as well as Provider Power status for when there is power outage and we lost the network devices out at that location. 

My customer is wanting to bring all these features into SolarWinds and ditch the Trapserver that they are using.  Anyone ever gone through this?


All of these monitored devices are IP based monitored by SNMP from what I am being told. 

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There is a couple of ways to do this.

1. use the traps inside Orion and create alerts from the messages.

Creating an Orion Alert with Log Analyzer - THWACK (

2. Since these devices probably won't show up in list resources if you can get the OID's that correspond to those metrics you can create a universal device poller.

How to Create a Universal Device Poller (UnDP) in NPM (

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