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Manage Views - Adding Resources

Hi All

Wondering if I can get some assistance with an issue. I am having trouble viewing all available resources when I try to add a new custom view.

Settings > Add New View > Type: Summary

When I try to add a new resource by selecting +, I seem to only get a subset of the available resources for selection. Previously I was able to access a big list of available resources

We have upgraded to NPM version 10.7 and have recently installed an NTA trial.

How do I access the full list of available resources? Or is this now handled differently in version 10.7.

Thanks in advance


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Level 7

Thanks HolyGuacamole and Choly for your responses.

We now have a support call raised to get to the bottom of the issue. I will report back on the outcome.

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Hi @adamg08,

Do you got solution for this.

I'm also facing same issue.


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Hi​, what version of NPM/NTA do you have? This is a very old thread from NPM v10.7 and the Orion platform has changed significantly since then.

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Hey nickzourdos

I'm also experiencing the same issue and I'm on Orion Platform 2019.2 HF2, IPAM 4.9.0 HF1, SRM 6.9.0, NCM 8.0, NPM 12.5, DPAIM 11.2.0, LA 2.1, NTA 4.6.0, VMAN 8.5.0 HF1, UDT 3.4.0 HF1, SAM 6.9.1

Any ideas on what I can do to resolve this?


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Try running the config wizard again.

Level 17

You may want to move this discussion to the NTA forum

The list of resources doesn't look normal. There was a service release v4.0.3 a few days back. It might be worth running the upgrade although there is nothing mentioned in the release notes about this specific issue. If this doesn't fix it, probably best to reach out to your support or sales contact.

We have tried briefly with NTA 4.0.3 + NPM 10.7 and it seems fine here. Please contact SolarWinds support with this issue.

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