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Layer 2 Connection and Related Interfaces

We are trying to integrate Layer 2 Connections from Solar Winds Orion into HP uCMDB.

uCMDB follows ITIL rules and Layer 2 Connections must be related to 2 or more interfaces.

The dbo.NodeL2Connections table in Solar Winds Orion stores the NodeID and MACAddress.


Using the dbo.Interfaces table we determined that the MACAddress is related to Interfaces of the second Node of the Layer 2 Connection while the NodeID reflects the first Node of the Layer 2 Connection but these Nodes have many Interfaces in the dbo.Interfaces table and from this table we can not determine both Interfaces related to a Layer 2 Connection.

We have also joined Port ID in dbo.NodeL2Connections to Port ID in other tables such as dbo.UDT_Port but no PortIDs match.

Does Solar Winds Orion show the Interfaces connected by a Layer 2 Connection? If so, in which table(s)?

Thank you

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