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Level 9

Interface Issues

I am having a problem with Netflow. This may be Cisco related and not Orion.

I am using these commands to enable Netflow on my routers:

interface GigabitEthernet0/0
ip flow ingress

ip flow-export source GigabitEthernet0/0
ip flow-export version 5
ip flow-export destination 2055

After doing these commands, I am seeing Netflow information for all interfaces on the router that are up. From the Netflow documentation on Cisco's site, they make it sound like if you enable it on an interface, you will only receive Netflow information for that interface. They never come out and directly say it but they talk about how Netflow needs to be enabled on every interface that you want the information from. Like I said, I am seeing ingress and egress information for every interface on the router.

Any ideas? I may just open up a TAC case and ask an engineer but I figured I would post something first.
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Level 9

I did verify with Cisco that when NetFlow is enabled on an interface, it will show stats for the entire device and all interfaces on the device. It doesnt make much sense to me that you enable the commands on an interface level but it affects all interfaces on the system.

The TAC engineer gave me this link for some additional NetFlow information.
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Level 10

The examples given are to some extent generic and meant to get you on your way with Netflow statistics. There are caveats for various hardware/IOS combinations. 4500 series routers for example may require "ip flow ingress" to be changed to "ip flow ingress infer-fields". For more information you can refer to Cicso here

Dan Wendeln
Customer Support Services
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Level 7

Same problem here as well, using the exact Cisco Netflow commands suggested in the Solarwinds Netflow setup docs.
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Level 7

IM having same issue. we have one router with 50 VPN tunnels so when I enable cache flow on an Ethernet Interface, all 50 VPN tunnels are added
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