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How to config sonicwall settings for NTA


The following settings are relevant for configuring your Sonicwall devices to export flows to SolarWinds NTA:

  • Flow version - use NetFlow V9 or IPFIX
  • Report Connection On Active Timeout

NTA 3.11 - EOL;NTA 4.0 - EOL;NTA 4.1;NTA 4.2;NTA 4.4


To configure flow export on a Dell Sonicwall device for NTA:
  1. Log in to your Dell Sonicwall device management UI, and go to External Collector.
  2. Use V9 or IPFIX as the External Flow Reporting Format.
  3. Make sure Report Connection On Active Timeout is selected, and the Number of Seconds set to 60.

When you add the device to NTA for monitoring, you will see the collected NetFlow statistics in the Orion Web Console.

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