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Filtering Out Specific Devices from "Top X Conversations Resource/Graph"

Some background... We use the Top X Conversations resource on a dashboard that is presented to management.  Last week we added two devices and now have found that it is flooding the chart with data from these devices.  Is there anyway to filter out these two devices so they do not show up on this resource?  I tried editing the resource but there doesn't look to be anyway to do any filtering.

EDIT: I just found the view limitation and limiting the view to specific hardware manufacturers, but that will require me to create a new view with just this resource as it will affect all other resources on the page.

EDIT 2: I have found that I could use a custom HTML resource and dump the detached resource (with view limitation) into an iframe. I'm curious if there are any ways to remove the title "Top XX Conversations" and the "Export from PDF" at the top of the page that is in the iframe.

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Is there any news on the default Netflow pages fully adhering to account limitations. It can get complicated, where shared resources i.e. interfaces are used, but for circumstances where an account or page limitation states that only certain Netflow source interfaces can be shown, this limitation should work.

Currently Top xx resources do not restrict all content, which in a multi tenant or secure information environment is a major security breach and cannot be allowed.

Having to re-code the Netflow Summary page to remove the navigator utility, as the use of that allows security to be bypassed, with results showing data that the limitation should be removing access to.

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m_roberts​, there are ongoing discussions about finer RBAC in the product, but that would likely be implemented in Core across the board. We'll discuss what might be possible for the NTA pages with the Flow Navigator, as well.


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Level 13

Hey have you found the right answer for this?

"I'm curious if there are any ways to remove the title "Top XX Conversations" and the "Export from PDF" at the top of the page that is in the iframe."

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Charts or NTA resources will only have a filter if you are using the NTA template page >> it has what we call the FLOW navigator.


This you can filter or inlcude only the Endpoints you want to include on the chart or what conversation. If that chart is place on an NPM page - it does not have any filter like what you see on NPM pages filter SQL. As NTA uses more on the NTA flow storage database. Also View Limitation or Account limitation does not apply to endpoints or conversation listed on NTA charts. It is only good for nodes added - endpoints are not nodes added to your NPM.

Solution is to recreate the page - using NTA summary page and then put all the resources to it.

So there is no way to filter on the NPM or Dashboard page? I believe you can filter out different environments for example (exclude) new york subnet range. My issue is that I want four concurrent Top XX Conversations to reflect on that homepage all specific to one data center only.


Top XX Conversations - DC 1

Top XX Conversations - DC 2

Top XX Conversations - DC 3

Top XX Conversations - DC 4

We want this all on the dashboard so we can see the different environments. We want to avoid having to go to the NTA page and having to drill down and use the filters each time we wanna view the big picture. Any idea if we can achieve this?

Level 13

You could try adding a custom filter to that resource directly. If you click the edit button on that Top XX chart there is a Filter Nodes section. The syntax and be a little confusing. What filter would you like to implement?

2016-04-18 09_57_17-Edit Resource_ Top XX Nodes by Percent Memory Used.png

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