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Level 7

Does my cisco switch support NetFlow ?

Hello Dears

i want a help in configuring my switch to able to use the netflow analyzer

I have a cisco 4510R switch which supports by Cisco's documenation the NetFlow, but when i tried enabling the NetFlow the commands are not recognized and it gives me Invalid Input Detected....... Any help would be appreciated

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Level 13

What supervisor engine do you have?

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we have a Supt 2t on a 6509E switch

it supports V5 and v9

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i don't know how to check the supervisor engine, could u please help me on

that ?

and what is the supervisor module supports netflow ?

On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 9:47 PM, jswan <

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"show module" gets you the Supervisor engine model. You can then use the Cisco Feature Navigator to find out if your hardware/software combination supports NetFlow, and what versions.

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