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Does Solarwinds Netflow Analyzer do PER HOP/NODE QoS feedback?

Hey folks, trying to cram in some research on QoS monitoring toolkits in a hurry. Does anyone who has worked with Solarwinds Netflow Analyzer know if it does PER NODE/HOP QoS analysis? The use case is that we want to run a test on a client's network to test VOIP prioritization through every switch and router between the testing point and the outside world, and have it generate a visual report that xxx router is not properly configured for VOIP prioritization so they know what to focus on. I believe that AppNeta does this, but they're a bit overkill for what we're looking for as part of a temporary toolkit at different locations. We're also looking at LiveAction NX and working with their support on a cloud server installation as another alternative.


Thank you most kindly 🙂

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