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Database Size & Spec of server

Now I have installed Orion 8 beta with NetFlow module. In Orion I only add 3 nodes and in NetFlow I add only 1 node with 23 interfaces. Now I had problem that the database size growing too fast. In 24 hours it went from 10 MB to 1.8 GB and NetFlow web connot open the data from database. My test server only have Xeon 2.4 GHz with 1 GB of ram. It isn't enough? And if I plan for adding about 500++ nodes in Orion and about 15+ nodes in NetFlow what spec of my hardware required including HDD for database too.
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Thank you very much. Now I will plan for my new test server and I will ask for the temp key again.

Anuchit Jaturongpanya
Network Engineer
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NetFlow statistics generate a high volume of data. We recommend that you have the database on a separate server from the Orion server.

We also recommend:

Processor: 2GHz+
High Speed Disks: 10,000 rpm, RAID 10. RAID controller should have at least 256MB of battery backed-up write-back cache

Regarding the storage requirements, one thing to keep in mind is that we progressively compress data as it gets older, so the storage requirements for 2 days is not twice that of the first day.

That said, for 15 NetFlow nodes, you may need around 15+ GB of storage. NetFlow is inherently storage intensive. That sizing is just a guess because I don't know how much data is flowing through your interfaces. This is also a new product, so we'll get a better idea of size recommendations once it's been out a while. I hope this helps.

Denny LeCompte
Sr. Product Manager, Orion
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