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Create a report that summarizes all nodes within our custom property "Classifications"

We have a custom property called Classifications which summarizes the node as either a firewall or a server, or a switch for example.

I am trying to create a report that summarizes the classifications as counts every week.

For Example:

Servers: 13

Switch: 10

Firewall: 203

I was able to create a report that lists all the nodes within each classification but it's 8 pages and does not provide a count for each classification.

Can someone offer some help on this?

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So to do what you describe you should add the column called Classifications to your table twice.  The first one will act as the label, and the second one you hit the drop down for data aggregation and select count.  Probably want to change the name of the second column as well while you are in there.  You can see some screenshots from my example report below.







- Marc Netterfield, Github
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