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Cisco Viptela Netflow/IPFIX not supported?

We're having issues getting NTA in solarwinds to display any data for flows sent from Viptela routers (see screen capture attached). Obviously we've verified the flow data is making it to the NTA server. These are Netflow/IPFIX version 10 flows. This issue is only seen with Cisco Viptela routers, the old traditional router data is shown properly. Have you been able to get this working in Solarwinds? is not supported? In the documentation it shows that IPFIX is supported when generated by ESX 5.1 and later but it doesn't mention anything about Cisco Viptela routers. 

link to the documentation:
What protocols does SolarWinds NTA support?

any feedback is appreciated.


Thank you.

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anyone with Netflow/IPFIX version 10 experience that can comment on this issue?


Thank you

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It should work I would think.   It sounds like the Viptella configuration is a bit limited in options but that it should work.  

If you go into "Netflow Summary", do you see your device?   Does it show any "Last Received Netflow"?   ie:



Did you make sure you're sending the data on UDP port 2055?  Also make sure the interface you source the Netflow packets is managed in Orion.

How did you verify the flow data is making it to the server, via Wireshark or another method?

Maybe screen shots of the netflow config on the Viptella box?

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yes I verified the data is making to the server, source from an interface monitored by solarwinds, using destination port UDP 2055. The data last received shows as never. I opened a ticket with solarwinds support and couldn't get a definite answer, that's why I'm reaching out to the community to see what they ran into. So far it looks like it's not supported. 



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Have a look at the "What We're Working On" post for NTA.

One of the SD-WAN edge solutions we're working on supporting is the Viptela solution. Watch this space for our upcoming beta announcements, once we're ready to do some testing.



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