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Cisco C9300 Catalyst switches Netflow config for NTA

Hi there,

I have been struggling with setting up Netflow config for Cisco C9300 Catalyst switches to work with Solarwinds NTA. I am also aware of someone posting their configs here but so far none of them are working for me. I think the problem is we like to pull Netflow data on L2 Port-Channel interfaces and VLAN interfaces. The config script I use for ASR1001 routers is fine with NTA but I think it is a bit different for Cisco C9300 Catalyst switches. Could anyone please point me to the right direct what needs to be done. Here is the config snip I use for ASR1001.

flow record Recorder

match ipv4 tos

match ipv4 protocol

match ipv4 source address

match ipv4 destination address

match transport source-port

match transport destination-port

match flow direction

collect counter bytes long

collect counter packets long

collect interface input

collect transport tcp flags

collect timestamp absolute first

collect timestamp absolute last

flow exporter Exporter

description Export to NTA


source Loopback100

transport udp 2055

flow monitor Monitor

exporter Exporter

record Recorder

interface po100.101

ip flow monitor Monitor input

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Flexible netflow is not supported on layer 2 port-channel interfaces. However you can setup flexible netflow on the individual layer2 ports that are in the port-channel.



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@tylalin - 

What did you ever find out on this? Can you share your NetFlow setup for 9300?



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I would suggest open a ticket for support. They can verify this netflow configuration and use a wireshark on the orion application server.

And when you navigate to the specific device it says "no data available"?

Is the device reaching the orion application server?

You can use wireshark to verify if its reaching the server.

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