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Cisco ASR 9006 - netflow configuration


I have a problem with configuration netflow form Cisco ASR 9006 to SolarWinds collector.

A9K-RSP440-TR            V 6.0.2[Default], Built on Sun Jul 10 14:12:06 CET 2016

config :

flow exporter-map SW-NETFLOW
version ipfix
options interface-table
options vrf-table
options sampler-table
transport udp 2055
source Bundle-Ether1.xxxx

destination x.x.x.x vrf local
flow monitor-map FMM_NETFLOW
record ipv4
exporter SW-NETFLOW
cache entries 1000000
cache timeout active 60
cache timeout inactive 30
cache timeout rate-limit 1000


I can change version ipfix to version v9 but still nothing - status Never send to collector.

In Wireshark on collector I see received packets.


How and what I must change to repair this (is that possible with this software and firmware...) ?


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